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FAQ: How do Private Messages work?

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FAQ: How do Private Messages work?

Postby akardam » Mon May 28, 2007 3:46 pm

I get a couple PM's about this in a given month, I figured why not type out how this stuff works so everyone is aware:

When you compose a private message on here, the message will sit in your Outbox until such time that the person you sent it to actually reads it. When they read it, it automatically moves to your Sent box on the system. A copy in the database is made, and both you and the original poster can read it.

If you want to delete a message that was sent before the individual you sent it to reads it, you can do so by simply going in to your Outbox, and deleting the message. If you want to edit it, you have the ability to as well, only up until the time that the recipient reads it.

When sending a PM, your recipient will get an email that states they have a new PM waiting, providing that their email address registered on the board remains valid. If you get an email and do not have a PM waiting, the user who sent it may have deleted it already. There is no way to go back and figure out a) who sent it and b) what the message was.

Keep in mind: While this system is in theory more secure than email, there are ways to read PM's or retrieve information stored in PM's if the need arises. This is no different than any policy that your ISP has setup to monitor, store, or retrieve mail in accordance with their own information retention policies. Having the ability to send these messages is a privilege and not a right. Do not abuse the PM system on the board, and keep in mind that if we hear reports of people spamming, asking for forbidden items, or harassment via PM or email through this board, your account may be terminated without notice to you.

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