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FAQ: Why do my posts need to be approved before being shown?

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FAQ: Why do my posts need to be approved before being shown?

Postby akardam » Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:47 am

If your posts need to be approved before being shown, that means you are a new member or you are on moderated status. As the staff has been receiving an increasing number of messages asking "why can't I do this, that, or the other" as a new or moderated member, we have assembled this FAQ entry to clarify why the New/Moderated members group exists, what limitations are placed on those in the group, and what you can do to assist in the decision to promote you to a regular user.

Why the group?

The Batboard is a community and as such we wish to ensure a pleasant experience for all members of the community. We wish new members to contribue to the community in a positive way. Since we have had problems in the past with new members who wished to take advantage of other members of the community, or who did not attend sufficiently to the rules before posting, we instituted the New/Moderated members group. Read on...


1) New/Moderated members posts are moderated. This means that an administrator, moderator, or queue moderator must approve the post is displayed. As mentioned above, we still have people who don't read the rules before they post (such as the prohibition against posting or requesting RSS/CPS, etc.) This helps us to catch posts with questionable content before they are displayed, and helps us offer guidance to new members.

2) New/Moderated members may not post a new topic in the For Sale/Wanted/Trade forum. This means that you cannot offer items for sale or trade. You may however respond to existing posts if you would like to buy or trade an item, or have an item to offer. As always, every member of the board is asked to excercise caution when dealing with any other member of the board, especially if they do not have an established reputation here.

How to be moved to the regular members group

There is no automated criteria or predetermined amount of time before a new member or one on moderated status is moved to the regular members group. Things that can help us determine that a member is ready to be moved include, but are not limited to:

1) Have another member who knows you personally vouch for you.

2) Purchase or trade something with an existing member (See #2 above). As you complete favorable transactions, both parties (the new member included) can leave positive feedback in the feedback forum.

3) The most important thing you can do is contribue positively to the community by participating (posting). If you're just a lurker, we really can't gauge how you've contributed, either positively or negatively.

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