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MTX9000 VCO Modification

This forum is for the discussions targeted at converting various models of Motorola equipment to operate in the 900MHz Amateur Band.

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MTX9000 VCO Modification

Postby Windrac » Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:08 am

Good morning!

I have an MTX9000 M3 in 900mhz (935~950) that I have pushed down in to the ham band with hex edited RSS. I am having problems getting the VCO to lock below about 904mhz (the band ends at 902mhz). This is important to me because of simplex and repeater inputs in that area. Is there a hardware modification that would allow me to re-tune the VCO to operate in this area? I'm looking for something similar to the Spectra mod for the 440 R2 radios that allows them to transmit in the R1 ham band.


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Re: MTX9000 VCO Modification

Postby N4KVE » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:48 am

I had a similar problem years ago. I had to send the radio to someone with lot's of experience doing this. He used unmentionable software tools to make the proper adjustment, so no hardware changes were made. The radio came back working perfectly on 902/927. Good luck. GARY

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