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MTX9000 B3 codeplug for 902-928, please?

This forum is for the discussions targeted at converting various models of Motorola equipment to operate in the 900MHz Amateur Band.

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Vester Scott
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MTX9000 B3 codeplug for 902-928, please?

Postby Vester Scott » Fri Apr 18, 2008 10:56 am

Its for a stack of donated H01WCC4DB3AN NX that we hope to produce a few keepers from for emcomms in the local ARES group. I've looked at the ODB file, but haven't quite made peace with the required changes yet. Just don't want to break anything right now in the process. Thanks.

Vester N8EKA
Vester N8EKA

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Re: MTX9000 B3 codeplug for 902-928, please?

Postby DPL » Sun Apr 20, 2008 1:50 pm

Actually, the ODB file you mentioned only affects changes to the RSS, and nothing special is done to the radio's codeplug (as far as I know). Thus, a codeplug from an MTX9000 already on the ham bands isn't going to do you any good, because the software will still gripe when you try to put in your own frequencies as long as the ODB file hasn't been modified.

If you're not certain about your hex editing skills, just copy the whole RSS directory to a new location, so that you have two identical copies of the RSS. Then, you can hack on the ODB file all you want, and if you screw it up you can just re-copy the good ODB file from the original directory. Also, you don't have to worry about screwing the radio up for the reasons mentioned in the first paragraph--the ODB file doesn't affect the radio.

Unfortunately, I think it was decided that the sharing of such "pieces of RSS" as ODB files is not kosher according to the big /\/\, so you're going to have to edit the file yourself. But, it's not that hard...

Good luck and have fun with those radios--I own one and have worked with several, and they tend to make pretty nice 900MHz ham radios. Sounds like the price was good, too :)

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