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UK Ham DM4600/XPR550 DM4800/XPR7550 questions

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UK Ham DM4600/XPR550 DM4800/XPR7550 questions

Postby marc-ynm » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:33 pm

Coming from P25 and looking at buying a UHF DM4600 or DM4800 (XPR5550 or XPR7550) for Ham use, (or similar?)
so i need good front end sensitivity, But i will it be as sensitive as my XTS2500 ?
also I'm concerned about squelch adjustment on FM as i use distant repeaters, so need (at least) the tuner to let me finely adjust
the squelch levels - i noticed another Ham on here with an XPR who said even on 'min' the squelch was too tight.

and the spec says 25w/40w - is this an option of either RF power output, or am i being a bit dumb ? - as my local Motorola dealer
never asked which power version i wanted, as my aging Astro Spectras are around 40w..
& I'm not even asking about a FPP mode - even for Ham only use it would be quite legal, seems like the only useful FPP options i'm going to get is the one alrady in my XTS - though Trbo's dealer-mode type selectable CTCSS per ch/mode would be great.

I'm not limited to 16 channels per zone and in the scan list too am i ?
- as my nearest 'M' dealer doesn't really *seem* to want to answer these questions..

Thanks, Mark

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Re: UK Ham DM4600/XPR550 DM4800/XPR7550 questions

Postby com501 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 7:39 pm

This post has been sitting here since October and nobody answered it?

XPR7550 (protable) has flexible zones. More or less than 16 channels is permitted, I don't know if there is an upper limit to the number of channels per zone (patience?).

XPR7550 does NOT have an easy external antenna provision, and the bench antenna adater is clunky AND very expensive.

Mobiles come in two flavors (4 really). Low power 1-30w, and 25-40w, both in the Version 1 XPR4550 style and the newer color display XPR5550 style.

Power output is fully programmable across the range in tenths of a watt in two settings, high and low.

Receive sensitivity? Squelch threshold? Mine seem to hear a lot more white noise than my ear can decode. The internal squelch seems to do a great job of getting it right, and there is a programmable button for tight and loose. Adjusting squelch threshold with Tuner will require a service monitor with calibrated outputs to adjust the RSSI levels correctly, if you don't have access to one, don't attempt this, you can make it a lot worse.

There are default codeplugs included with the CPS that you can load and play with features on the radio. This would be a good way to get familiar with what you are looking at.

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