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Time/Clock on MotoTRBO

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Time/Clock on MotoTRBO

Postby rescuer » Sat Nov 01, 2014 4:53 pm

Hello again!

So after my first MotoTRBO (7550) would tell me the date I first put the battery into service, I figured it was getting its date/time from GPS. Recently I acquired a 3500 without an IMPRES battery originally. Just a few days ago I acquired an IMPRES battery and lo and behold it knew the date I put it into service (I purposely waited a couple of days after purchasing it to make sure the dealer didn't program it somehow).

With that being said, how/what/where does the IMPRES battery get its date/time and is there a way to access this data from the radio? Does the radio reawt an internal clock during programming or how?

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