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XPR8400 Mix Mode - Analog asleep?

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XPR8400 Mix Mode - Analog asleep?

Postby hvacesu78 » Wed Oct 14, 2015 4:41 pm

Running an XPR8400 in Mixed Mode

Firmware: R02.30.02
Codeplug Ver: 13.00.05

Has anyone seen this behavior?

Its a lightly used standalone conventional repeater... and once in a while we key up to say hi on Analog, and to make sure its still there.
Noticed a few recent times when attempt to key on Analog no repeater response.

When we then transmit on digital it connects/repeater works as normal- no issue
after all digital activity is done, then the analog side of the house wakes up.
Able to use analog.. until it sits for a few days then we notice the analog is unresponsive..

Will run a firmware update and RDACs to see if anything..and keep an eye on it

Wasnt sure if anyone has had the same experience. i searched and saw a thread with similar issues- but we are not running GPS etc., it is not connected to ethernet, all LEDs are appearing normal.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: XPR8400 Mix Mode - Analog asleep?

Postby KE4NYVJR » Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:55 am

Our club XPR8400 is running mixed mode/DMR conventional as well. Been going for about a month and I haven't noticed this. Honestly, we have about 95% of use on Trbo. Just the other day a friend had the battery die on his Trbo HT, so he switched over to analog. The repeater picked right up and kept chugging. Of course, I had to switch over to a different radio when I realized what he had done :)
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