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XPR6550 No display, solid green LED

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XPR6550 No display, solid green LED

Postby bhamilton » Mon Nov 07, 2016 7:58 am

So I've got this XPR6550 that I've been using for a while without issue. All of a sudden, when I turn the knob to power up, I get nothing on the display and status LED is solid green. Today I tried "enabling" it, thinking maybe somehow it got remote disabled. Radio wouldn't respond to a "radio check" and thus would not enable. Let it sit in "ON" position for a while and noticed the MOTOTRBO logo came up and stayed on screen for a few minutes, then disappeared again.

Sounds like a firmware issue, but the radio won't connect up to a computer in order to reflash. Is there a way to force these to take a firmware update? Or does anybody else have any suggestions?


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