Ebay Astro Seller......?

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go figure

Post by batdude »

my buddy just brought his over to show it off... and to play IMBE simplex

guess what?


like microwatts.....

lol... standby nick, here comes one back at ya!

just to add more to the story --- my buddy just got a $100 refund from Nick...for the trouble... so you gotta admit... great service!!!
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XTS 3000

Post by HOWARD »

I bought an XTS 3000 Type 3 from Nick and got the same treatment, very slow to respond to Email at first but he delivered an excellent radio and after the initial contact problems everything went smooth...I i will deal with Nick in the future.
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Post by wavetar »

Lol...I can almost picture Nick bending over backwards & still only pleasing 95% of the people. No doubt it's difficult keeping up with what's obviously a booming business. Nick, if you need some knowledgeable help, especially up in Canada, give me a shout...

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Post by ASTRO_25 »

Well, there is an old saying that I use in my business... I'll bend over backwards to to help you, but I won't bend over forwards....... :oops:

Maybe I should buy up all his radios from him, sell them myself, and tack on a $50 surcharge for pampered service like some people expect.
That way tracking numbers will arrive within minutes of shipping, and the postal delivery man will deliver the XTS with a free bourbon and coke.

J/J ;-)
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