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Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

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Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

Postby mhodgson » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:32 pm

Ok, sort of a lengthy post here but looking to see if anyone has experienced the same issue....Motorola cant seem to get their facts straight about working or not....

I have a fleet of 1000+ XTL2500 remote mount mobiles with M5 heads, HLN1457B telephone handsets and a factory microphone extension cable from the GCAI on the front of the TIB up to the center console in the cars. Unlike our older XTL5000 W9 heads with the HLN1220B handset that plugged into the rear of the head, the handset extension cables are uses to avoid having a cable pointing vertically upward from the Jotto/Havis consoles and getting in the way. This setup works great on the XTL2500...even with the HMN1090 potato issues. The setup with NOT, repeat NOT work with the backlit dtmf control mic (HMN4079D) since Moto did not place enough conductors in the cable to route power up the cable, no doubt this was done intentionally since there may have been too much current drop in the flat cable...either way...not the issue we now have....onwards....

We have started now to buy APX6500 mobiles with O5 control heads and once again we ordered the same components, HLN1457B telephone handsets, extension cables, worky, worky......even plugging the handset or potato mic directly into the APX6500 TIB doesn't produce PTT from the far I have been told the following by Moto...A) the handset extension cable is am not even using the cable...the mic is now plugged into the transceiver....B) the mic is works fine on other radios or plugged directly into the head GCAI on the front...C) The TIB is bad or the transceiver is 22 radios are all bad....not that APX7500 doesn't work either with the same scenario...I never noticed it since I have an O9 head and the mic plugged into the back, however plugging the mic in the front of its TIB doesn't work either.....D) you have the wrong mic extension cable....if you had the right one, it rearranges the order of the pins and then the mic WILL whats the part number for the extension cable.....ummm.....same part number as the XTL25000 cable....oh yeah.... the same one you shipped with the APX6500's....

I have to believe its a programming issue on the APX....I am guessing since the GCAI on an APX is used for various functions....of which an example would be supporting the relay control box used with O7 and O9 how does one address the changes...? the group...anyone else seen this and have any suggestions? Product group is floundering.....

Thanks for any input.


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Re: Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

Postby resqguy911 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:25 am

I don't know why your current config is not working, but now that you are rolling with O5 heads you can use the rear-of-head adapter cable. Afraid I don't have the part number handy, but it turns the 26 pin connector into a gcai for your microphone.
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Re: Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

Postby NickH » Fri Aug 02, 2013 5:58 am

We just ran into this issue with a bunch of APX6500 and 7500 mobiles in a command vehicle. They all have O2 remote heads, we tried connecting the mic to the TIB with no luck. We tried it on a few other APX mobiles we have in the shop and none of them worked, not sure if it's supposed to or not, but it threw a definite wrench in our plans when we were used to doing this on XTL's.


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Re: Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

Postby mhodgson » Thu Aug 08, 2013 7:00 am

Well....a good update on this one....there is definitely an issue...Motorola admits that the APX series TIB GCAI does NOT function like the TIB GCAI on an XTL series radio. This renders the use of the mic extension cable useless, nor can a mic be directly plugged into the GCAI on the APX either. So.....I suspect that Motorola also had an issue that it needed to solve even dating back to XTL days WITH the mic extension cable and that was the the cable did NOT support a lighted DTMF control mic...only the HMN1090 or HLN1457 handset...neither of which required excess power...the answer....a cable as mentioned in a previous post by another member....The Motorola Part Number is: 30009487001. This cable has a DB26 connector on it as well as a USB connector, both of which would go into the rear of the control head (M5, O5, O2, O7) and the other end is a GCA socket. This cable DOES support the lighted DTMF microphone and would be used in applications where an agency did not want the mic cable coming out of the front of the control head (ie: console mounting). What I did think was interesting is that in the event that you console mounted a dash mount radio, this would not help at all since the cable has neither a switched +12v red wire or the speaker connectors coming out of the DB26 like a dash mount ignition cable would have. Far as I can tell it would be for remote control head applications only...but I can say does work......


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Re: Issues between XTL2500 and APX6500 with Handset

Postby p47r4ck » Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:45 pm

That part # lists on MOL for over $200.00!

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