XTS2500 Questions, Pelase Read??

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XTS2500 Questions, Pelase Read??

Post by FMROB »

A couple of different questions regarding programming of the XTS2500.

1) When the orange "emergency" button on top of the radio is pushed, the emergency activates without delay.

With the public safety speaker mic (non antenna) connected to the radio, when the orange "emergency" button is pushed, there is a 15-20 second delay to activate the radios emergency.

A) Can we change the dealy on the speaker min?
b) Also, Why doesn't the evacuation tone opearte from the speaker mic.

2) In setting up the emergency system, I noted that if you extend the polite and impolite to the max, for some reason the radio only sends the MDC ID only twice.

A) Can the radio be set to send the MDC ID at more frequent intervails?

B) Lets say that after that after radio 1 sends an emergency radio 2 recieves it, but doens't acknowledge the emergency.

radio 3 then keys up and sends an MDC ID

Radio 2 originally displayed radio 1 emergency MDC ID, but when radio 3 keys it kept radio 3 MDC ID.

Even if radio 1 re sends another emergency blurp, the MDC ID of radio 3 still displays.

We would like it to re display the radio 1 emergency MDC ID

Any Ideas.

P.S. I have had my head burried in the ware and portables for about five hours, and am most likely missing simple things.

Thanks, Rob
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Post by RocketNJ »

As far as the evac tone... The CPS states you must press PTT & Emergency to start sending it. A PTT will cancel it.

I think the short press for emergency on the RSM is set in firmware. A call to Moto may confirm this. The orange radio short press for emergency is programmable.

Have not played much with MDC ID for emergency. Do you have a control station or console that is ack'ing the emergency ID? Check mobiles to see if they are programmed for that feature.

Hope this helps.
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