XTS5000 encryption question

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XTS5000 encryption question

Post by aceofspades2007 »

I have just purchased a brand new motorola XTS5000 - H18QDH9PW7N which currently has the following flashcode in it:

Options Installed on this Flashcode:


Q806/G806 IMBE / APCO-25 Digital Operation
H14/G114 Digital ID Display
H35/G48 Conventional Operation
Q387 Conventional voting scan

What i want to know is what flashcode upgrades to i need to make to the radio to make it function properly with the encryption module i just bought - DES-OFB and DES-XL encryption module with 5.05.02 firmware.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: XTS5000 encryption question

Post by RocketNJ »

You don't need any upgrade for encryption to work. Install the module and under radiowide/secure just enable secure hardware enabled.

Now, if you want multikey operation then you need a flash upgrade. Since the 5000 cannot be field hacked you need to purchase it from your Motorola salesman.
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