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vhf astro saber strange menu

This forum is dedicated to discussions pertaining specifically to the Motorola ASTRO line of radios (those that use VSELP/IMBE/AMBE), including using digital modulation, digital programming, FlashPort upgrades, etc. If you have general questions please use the General or Programming forums.

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vhf astro saber strange menu

Postby maxjam » Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:36 am

I found a vhf astro saber ii with a problem that I am looking for pointers on.
when you turn it on, it says "self test" then goes to the regular display, however the battery, csq, secure, note, and
scan icons are on all of the time. you can select a channel and it will transmit/receive analog in A or digital in B.
the top side button doesn't do anything. bottomw button 1 makes is transmit and button 2 transmit a continous tone until turned off. Pressing the top left or top right button cycles you through "dsp msg", "tx power" "tx roc" "refosc" "tx bal" "tx dev" "dspdev" "vferng" "rx vfe" "squel " "exteesum" "config" "net num" "hstwarp" "dspwarp" "store ?"

I wasn't lucky enough to get the search to hit on any of the above. Any ideas?

I had somebody else try to read it but they were unsuccessful. I need to play some more with that.


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Re: vhf astro saber strange menu

Postby batdude » Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:33 am

what is the flashcode in your radio (if any)

and most importantly, what is the HOST and DSP version

put the radio in self test (bottom side button 5 times after self test) and post the info here

chances are you have some goofy engineering firmware in the radio

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