IFR 1000A - HF PLL - Why does it fail?

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IFR 1000A - HF PLL - Why does it fail?

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The HF phase lock loop on IFR 1000's seem to have a high failure rate.
This is the PLL that moves in 1 MHz steps and lights the left frequency lock light on the front panel.
You will often see these IFRs on ebay with that particular light out.
Mine is out now and I'm guessing that this is a somewhat common problem.
Before I start debugging this, I thought perhaps somebody already knows why these fail and could save me some time.
Why do these HF PLL's fail?

Mine isn't a total failure. If I spin around the frequencies, I can get it to lock on some frequencies (like around 300 MHz).
It seems that something has got weak with time.

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Re: IFR 1000A - HF PLL - Why does it fail?

Post by VE3TUH »

Try Kurt Graber from KG electronics. He fixes these older boxes. Could be anything from a power supply going south to a failure in one of the modules.
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