IFR1200S battery pack?

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IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by WA6PMW »

Does anyone know of any place to get a battery pack for a IFR 1200S ?
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Andy Corbin
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Re: IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by Andy Corbin »

Try Kurt and KG Electronics. http://www.kgelectronics.com/

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Re: IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by RFguy »

We are just using standard 7.2AH, 12 volt UPS type batteries with some foam packing around it. The originals were only 5 AH, so it gives a bit more run time.
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Re: IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by Big BOB »

Do you have the original white battery pack?
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Re: IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by warnergt »

Not sure which battery the IFR 1200S uses but here is the battery for the IFR 1000, 1000A and 1000S:
https://www.osibatteries.com/p-900-hawk ... yrene.aspx
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Re: IFR1200S battery pack?

Post by jry »

that part would cover the 500, 1200 and 1500 as well. Believe the 1100 typically used a different form factor but this version may fit inside as well depending on the exact vintage.
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