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APX 8.01.01 now out....

Release notes for new versions of programming software and firmware, for any product, should be posted here, as well as topics discussing issues and bugs with and FSB's/SRN's for particular releases.

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APX 8.01.01 now out....

Postby MSS-Dave » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:16 am

Jeez... I can't keep up. Noticed it's available with and WITHOUT the Radio Management part. I'm downloading now so have to post up what's new after I get it unzipped. There is also a new APX USB setup available.


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What radios do you own?: XTL5K, NX300, PD782, Spark Gap

Re: APX 8.01.01 now out....

Postby MSS-Dave » Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:37 am

APX Portable and Mobile CPS R08.01.01

- IMPORTANT INSTALLATION NOTE: When prompted to re-start the machine during the
installation process, please do so before proceeding with the install. Please
refer to the "Installation Guide" (Install_Guide.doc) located at the root of the
DVD for more information.

- IMPORTANT NOTE: First time users of the APX CPS should watch the
'CPS User Interface' tutorials for an introduction to the APX CPS.

What's New in the CPS:

- Radio Management

This feature allows customers to manage more than one radio to program, thus
reducing fleet programming time.

Radio Management provides basic fleet mapping capabilities - allows viewing,
editing, sorting, grouping & filtering of:

- Radio identity information
- System information
- Data profile information

With Radio Management, you can:

- Share a codeplug template across multiple radios
- Automatically apply codeplug template changes to all affected radios
- Schedule programming jobs ahead of time

Radio Management supports wired USB connection to radios or Over The Air (OTA).

NOTE: This version of Radio Management is limited to 100 radios.

For more information please look for Radio Management in the CPS Help.

- O2/O7 Control Heads

The O2/O7 Control Heads are fully supported in this version of the CPS. Firmware
version R08.05.00 is required to fully enable the O2 and O7 Control Heads in the

NOTE: If you are using a radio with firmware prior to version R08.05.00 with this
version of the CPS (R08.01.00), and you select the ALL OFF feature for the
‘Siren Type’ field in the CPS, the Radio will turn off the Siren and the PA, but
the indicator still shows as active in the radio UI (in DEK, Display or both).
In order to see the appropriate indication on the UI, please refresh the radio
with the firmware version R08.05.00 or later.

- Dynamic Zone Programming

This feature gives end-users the ability to copy pre-existing channels into
predefined blank zones (called Dynamic zone) in the field without requiring
CPS, computer or cable. A Dynamic Zone allows up to 16 dynamic channels
to be stored.

- APX Conventional POP25

Enables the radio to receive Programming Over Project25 (POP25)
communication while operating on the current ASTRO Conventional System.
POP25 is also refer to as OTAP (Over the Air Programming).

- APX Text Entry

Ability to edit or type text into editable fields in the radio.

- Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication enables customers to logon to secure systems and
query to receive key information on people, vehicles, and properties, etc..
when outside their vehicles.

- Enhanced ADP Selective Radio Inhibit

This feature offers an option to do a key erase operation on ADP software keys
when the Selective Radio Inhibit command is received.

- Enhanced Zone Bank for Dual Display Portables

The CPS now allows Models 3.5 & 2.5 to have Zone Banking with the following
options as it exists today with Model 1.5 APX portables:

- Basic
- Advanced
- Disabled

- P25 Re-Affiliation Support (WUID Validity)

The P25 Standard re-affiliation process is now supported after a radio
timeout due to inactivity.


Even though the radio may be disconnected from the PC
when the CPS programming is done, DO NOT TURN THE RADIO OFF if the updating
process on the radio is still in progress. If an update is in progress, the
radio will present the words: "Updating..." on the front and/or top display.
This update can take up to 90 seconds after the CPS programming session
has completed.

- APX CPS Help & Tutorials

Detailed information for these new features can be found in the APX CPS Help &
Tutorials. These can be accessed via the APX CPS in the Help ribbon, or by
clicking on the blue question mark in the upper right hand corner of the

Supported APX Radios:

APX 6000
APX 6000XE
APX 6500
APX 7000
APX 7000XE
*APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & VHF
*APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & UHF R2
*APX7000XE M3.5 VHF & UHF R2
*APX7000XE M3.5 7/800 & UHF R1
*APX7000XE M3.5 VHF & UHF R1
*APX7000XE M3.5 UHF R1 & R2
APX 7500
SRX 2200 UHF Range 1
SRX 2200 VHF
APX 2000 7/800
*APX 2000/4000 VHF
*APX 2000/4000 UHF Range 2
APX 2000 UHF Range 1
APX 4000 7/800
APX 4000 UHF Range 1
APX 6000 Li
APX 6500 Li

*New Radio supported by this release

New Radio Features Supported:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Firmware version R08.00.00 is required for the following features
to work in the radio. Firmware version R08.05.00 is required to fully enable
the O2 and O7 Control Heads in the CPS.

- Two Factor Authentication
- O2/O7 Control Heads (Firmware version R08.05.00 is required)
- APX Text Entry (Hebrew, Russian & Traditional Chinese) - Mobiles and Portables
- APX Language Download & Versioning
- Text String Integration
- Dynamic Zone Programming
- APX POP25 Conventional (OTP Support)
- APX 2000/4000 U2, VHF Portable
- UHF Range 1 Spectrum Change
- P25 Re-Affiliation Support (WUID Validity)
- Enhanced ADP Selective Radio Inhibit
- Enhanced Zone Bank for Dual Display Portables

For a detailed description of each feature, please see the radio's User Manual.

APX International Language Support:

- The APX CPS UI now supports the following languages in addition to English:

* Spanish
* Portuguese
* French (Canada)
* Hebrew
* Russian
* Traditional Chinese

- Starting with CPS version R08.00.00, APX radios support non-English languages
via Language Packs. CPS users will see a slight delay the first time a
non-English Radio Display Language is used.

- Language Packs can only be written to the radio via USB. After the initial
Language Packs have been written via USB, POP25 programming can be used,
unless a Language Pack upgrade is desired.

- Changing the Radio Display Language via POP25 is not supported. Normal
write/clone operation is blocked when the Radio Display Language in the CPS
codeplug does not match the Radio Display Language in the radio. If a
change of Radio Display Language occurs via Batch Programming or Radio
Management, the radio's display will revert to English.

- Any FLASHport Upgrade or Radio Refresh from pre-R08.00.00 radio host to
R08.00.00 or later radio host with a non-English Radio Display Language
requires an extra write to the radio after the upgrade/refresh is complete.
The extra write to the radio transfers the Language Pack from the CPS to
the radio.

- Codeplug files saved with a version of the APX CPS prior to R07.00.00 must be
upgraded to the latest CPS version in order to support languages other than
English. To do this, ensure that the CPS Language setting is set to English,
then open and save the codeplug file. Codeplug files not upgraded to the
current release can only be used in English.

- Drag & Drop and Codeplug Comparison between codeplugs saved in different
languages is only supported if both codeplugs have been saved with APX CPS
versions R07.00.00 or later.

- Any exported XML file or saved Custom View file can only be imported into an
APX CPS of the same language.

- Complete Help is not available in all languages for all features. The
tutorials are only available in English. Set CPS Language to English for
full-featured Help

- User Settings do not get removed during the uninstall process. In order
to change the CPS Language setting back to English using the Modify Install
process, remove the selected language and the APX CPS will revert to English
by default.

- In a Windows XP machine additional fonts may need to be installed for some
languages. This may be done in the Languages tab accessed via the Regional
and Languages Options icon in the Control Panel.

Special FCC Regulation Note:


New radios CERTIFIED AFTER December 31, 2010 will not be allowed to
operate at 25 kHz spacing in certain VHF or UHF frequencies defined by
FCC Part 90. Radio models certified earlier than December 31, 2010 will
not be impacted till 2013.

NOTE: After the FCC mandate takes effect, specific frequencies in VHF and
UHF will still be allowed to operate at 25 kHz. Examples of VHF and UHF
services that are not subject to Part 90 narrowband include: Part 80 marine frequencies, Part 87 aviation frequencies, Part 95, FRS/GMRS and MURS,
Part 97 amateur frequencies, and NOAA weather channels.

The following radios are still fully capable of 25 kHz/12.5kHz operation:
* XTS 5000/2500/1500 and MT 1500 - All Configurations
* XTL 5000/2500/1500 - All Configurations
* APX 7000XE - All Configurations
* APX 6500 - All Configurations
* APX 7000 - Most configurations
* APX 7500 - Most configurations
* APX 6000 VHF / UHF Range 1
* APX 6000XE VHF / UHF Range 1

Radios impacted*:
* APX 7000 UHF Range 1 / Range 2
* APX 6000 UHF Range 2
* APX 7500 VHF / UHF Range 2 Mid Power
* APX 7500 UHF Range 1 / UHF Range 2 Mid Power
* APX 7500 7/800 / UHF Range 1 High Power
* APX 6000XE UHF Range 2
* APX 4000 7/800
* APX 4000 UHF Range 1
* APX 2000/4000 VHF
* APX 2000/4000 UHF Range 2

*Radios that were submitted to FCC (as of 7/1/11). Unless the radios are
exempt from FCC regulation, the CPS will not allow programming these radios
for 25 KHz operation in specific frequency ranges.

System Requirements:

- For System Requirements, please refer to the Installation Guide.

EDITED to save space.............. :lol:

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