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Converting an XPR4580 from Trunking to Digital

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Converting an XPR4580 from Trunking to Digital

Postby kc5hwb » Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:46 am

Hi all

Some of my terms my not be correct, I am new to the Motorola game.
I recently bought a XPR4580 on ebay that I wish to use for 900MHz ham repeaters in analog mode, and also 900MHz Mototrbo repeaters in the ham bands. I had a friend look at this radio for me, for programming, and he is telling me that I need a $75 Entitlement Key. (The term 'entitlement key' seems to get used in multiple ways, I've noticed. I actually have one of the free entitlement keys for programming wide/narrow band on the UHF radios because I also have a XPR4350) However, another friend, who also has a Motorola Online account, says that I should be able to flask the firmware and be good to go.
My friend with the account is running CPS9.0 and has the software titled "MOTOTRBO_R011202_130005_3600_Trunking_Mobile_Migration.exe" but I've no idea what to do with this, or ever if it is the right software for what I am trying to do.
I'm looking for direction on how to get this radio to work on Ham Digital and analog frequencies. My current firmware version is R01.05.02, if that makes any difference.

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