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CP110 firmware

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CP110 firmware

Postby JayArr » Wed May 25, 2016 8:59 am

Hi All

I'm not asking for any software and all of my Motorola software is purchased and legal (MagOne, CLP, RDX, CP110). I'm a registered dealer with Motorola but I'm new to radio repair so what I'm asking for is some advice and guidance.

I've got a box of RDU units that all have the same symptom, 'solid red light'. I'm thinking that they may just need a firmware reload or upgrade. I suspect they are stuck in what would be called the POST in computer terms, I think it's called Bootloader mode in M terms.

I have the free version of the RDX CPS but it won't read these units, I get a communication error. Even if they read there is no provision in the RDX CPS to upgrade firmware.

Yesterday I found something interesting, If I rewrite the EEprom I can turn a CP110 into a RDU and vice versa, it only changes what I think is called the codeplug. I think this means that the firmware is the same for RDU and CP110.

So I'm wondering if there is any way to flash or reprogram CP110 firmware. I keep seeing reference to the professional CPS but my searches haven't come up with any list of which models it covers, if it covers CP110 and will allow me to reset the firmware it would be a great buy. I would re-wrtie the EEprom to make it a CP110 then upgrade the firmware then put the original codeplug back into the EEprom to turn it back into a RDU.


PS - if there is another way to solve the "solid red light" I'd love to hear it.

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