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Expericene with XE500 on XTS7500e

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Expericene with XE500 on XTS7500e

Postby Wg8PM4 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 5:46 am

As there are many others who are unfortunately relegated to use XPR7550’s (or the e model) for public safety use - I know its not the right use case - I’m sharing my experience pairing the XE500 speaker mic on the 7550e.

1. The noise cancelling seems to be working.
2. The extra audio volume is nice, seems just as loud when the RSM is paired to a APX radio as well.
3. When on Connect+, the speaker mic pairs fine, but the red light will not shut off. If you switch to a regular zone and switch back to the connect+ zone, it works fine. <— this seems to be the only issue i’ve found.
4. When on non-connect+ zones, the speaker mic pairs fine and the red light goes off and works fine.
5. The white “flash light” works fine when long-pressed as it works on the APX.

If anyone has any insight on the connect+ issue, i’d greatly apreciate any input.

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Re: Expericene with XE500 on XTS7500e

Postby FatBoy » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:39 am

Been down that road before. Tried to use them in a large steel mill customer of mine. Custom demoed 7550 with INC mics and apx6000 with the xe500 mics at the same time. Turns out the customer preferred 7550 with the XE mics. Well.....when the customer tried to order that combo, Moto said that the software "bug" that allowed the XE mics and the TRBO radios to work together had been corrected in the new hardware rev of the mics. Something about device ID numbers in the IMPRESS system. I would be interested in radio fw and mic hardware revision. FB
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