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Using CM200d's for GR300 Repeater

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Using CM200d's for GR300 Repeater

Postby rjduran » Tue Nov 06, 2018 11:47 am

I have a couple of VHF CM200d radios that I'm planning to use for a back-up GR300 repeater. Instead of going through a RICK, I'm using the $15 RICK style direct hook-up cables that we have been using on the old CM200 radios with no issues. I've gone through and programmed the CM200d's with the exact (or as close as possible with the different CPS options) as how the CM200 radios were set up.

The Rx radio is receiving just as it should, but it doesn't look like that anything is being sent over to the Tx radio. I have the Tx and the Rx radio set up like how the "RICK or I20R" option under the accessory menu on the CM200 CPS.

What is it that is different between the back accessory connector that will not allow for this to work on the CM200d's as it does on the CM200's?

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