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MC2500 Deskset

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MC2500 Deskset

Postby johnny1225 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:22 am

I have a MC2500 deskset that is connected to a couple of hotels. They are using XPR6550 radios and a XPR8400 repeater. The control station is a XPR4350 that is connected to a CPI MR200 tone adpater. The system is working find both tx and rx. My question is they are complaining about the audio. The audio when transmitting from the deskset sounds very bad and the audio coming through the speaker of the deskset sounds like you are under water. My question is what audio setting woud i need to adjust the deskset, the tone adapter or programming in the XPR4350 mobile that is connected to the CPI MR200 Tone adapter???



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Re: MC2500 Deskset

Postby wavetar » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:15 am

Interfacing audio peripherals to MotoTRBO radios can be dicey, things can easily be over driven. First thing to do, turn off AGC for the accessory audio pins in the XPR base. I forget what the default values are when you turn the AGC off, but start lowering them in 3 dB increments & test until it sounds better. This should greatly help your TX audio. RX audio normally isn't too much of an issue...are you feeding the remote with the accessory pin, or speaker?

Does the base have the latest firmware?

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Re: MC2500 Deskset

Postby johnny1225 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:39 am

ok so i have turned the AGC off but i did not do any adjustments. So basically what you are saying is go into accessories to the digital rear AGC once the AGC is turned off and tune until it is better. Right now when you turn AGC off the default is -5DBM. The firmware is not new it is R01.07.02. When you say are you feeding the remote from the rear or speaker are you talking about the tone adapter? The tone adapter is plugged into the back of the XPR4350 mobile the deskset is basically plugged into the phone lines. Please let me know what you think??


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