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XTS3K channel busy, no receive

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XTS3K channel busy, no receive

Postby mogman » Tue Aug 08, 2017 1:13 pm

I have a growing pile of model I VHF XTS3000 radios that have a peculiar issue, as soon as they are turned on they give a busy channel indication and will not receive no matter how much RF is pumped into them.
I am cloning a test code plug that I have been using for some time, the number that fail this way is a little alarming, I have combed over the codeplug and can find nothing out of the ordinary, has anyone seen this before?? ( I have even written the srec using tools of a working radio without success)

SORRY FOLKS, just looked down and see another with the same issue, I have also changed controller/dsp and same issue, would appear to be a RF board issue and hope someone has found this issue before and can help, kind of hard getting to the RF board without the proper extenders etc.

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