XTS/XTL 5000's nor XPR radios unmuting with QC-II Tones

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XTS/XTL 5000's nor XPR radios unmuting with QC-II Tones

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I have a problem with QC-II decoding on VHF Motorola radios, and I do not know what I am doing wrong. This is an issue on my XTL-5000’s, XPR 6550, XPR 4550, and XTS5000s.

The page is sent out on its correct frequency, the A/B tones are correct. It trips our minitor pagers no problem, as well as all of our Kenwood and Vertex radios.

The radios in question are:
- XTL5000 – Flash 500201-000000-6 (v.20.50.09)
- XTS5000 – Flash 580008-001486-4 (v.20.50.09)
- XPR6550 – R01.12.17
- XPR4550 – R01.12.17

Starting with the XTL / XTS:
- Radio wide Alert tones enabled for call alert auto reset
- Conventional personality set for Rx only, unmute standard, non-astro
o Signalling set to Quik-Call II, with the correct system number
o Decode is set to selective call decode with “AND” unmute type
- Quik Call II personality is set for a-b/c-d, PPT sidetone, with proper tones
o System pre-time is set at 250, in-call is set for auto w/carrier
- Channel is proper personality, proper channel, carrier squelch (tones are sent without pl)

The XPRs:
- QC-II signalling is call alert with voice
o A-b/c-d, auto with carrier, long sidetone, 250 pretime
o Codes are correct
- Channel is set as receive only
o No pl
o Signal system is set for correct QC-II
o Reference requency is default
o Signal squech is set for and
o Unmute is set for standard.

These radios have been tested with a service monitor generating tones with and without PLs, a TK-5210 generating tones with and without PLs, and with our dispatch center transmitting (without PL).

When the radios are on the regular channel, they hear the tones and voice. When the radio is unmuted on the page channels, they hear the tones and voice. They will not alert in any way shape or form, nor will they unmute. All of the Kenwood and Vertex radios, as well as the minitors work just fine, with several sitting next to these radios when they are being tested.

I have never run into this issue and have had XTS5000s work with QC-II paging before without issue. Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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