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XTS2500 Cloning

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Jay G.
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XTS2500 Cloning

Postby Jay G. » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:31 pm

Good day all

I was asked to reprogram our FD's radios. We are LICENSED on the SW.
read one radio, added and deleted what was needed to be done and programmed the one radio.
Went to clone it to the next one and couldnt - Cant figure out how to. Is there a way to clone radios???? I hope so - Hate having to do an hour of changes on each of 40 radios. HELP??

Thank you!
Jay Goldmark, EMT
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Fire District Communications Supv.
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Re: XTS2500 Cloning

Postby C17LVFD » Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:56 am

Couple things to start... I believe both radios being cloned have to have the same flash code. Also before writing to the new radio I believe you need to read the radio that your cloning into's serial number. Finally if you use MDC or a trunking system you'll need to change the ID numbers. And finally any trunking system will require the syskey being loaded.

If you don't have matching flashcodes you can do a drag and drop top down transfer which will take care of 95% of it.

Hope that helps,

PM if you need more guidance

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