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Motorola XTL custom tasks (making sounds in P25 / holding PTT)

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Motorola XTL custom tasks (making sounds in P25 / holding PTT)

Postby Labelflasher » Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:09 am

Hi folks!

I need to solve some very custom task with Motorola XTL radios. I will be glad to hear you about one of things listed below or even both:

1. To produce any sound in P25 conventional mode. Beep, sine, buzz, click, etc. Inside P25 transmission, but not just audible (it could be also, but not a goal). Particular sound doesn't matter. Any loud and recognizable sound will suit.

In analog conventional it easily can be done via any signaling (QC, RAC, DTMF, etc.). But in P25 task looks like not very trivial. Looks like no ways to inject any sound to P25 other than MIC or AUX_PTT.

2. To transmit a bit longer that n PTT line holds TX. Example: you held PTT for 10 seconds, but carrier stays for 1 second more after PTT release (11 seconds totally). Even second or a few would be enough, but fraction of second or a few seconds will also work.

In analog, you can add signaling and keep carrier a bit longer than PTT key-up. But in P25 conventional this task becomes headache!

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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