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Desk Mic To Interface With PM1500 Accessory Connector

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:13 am
by b18c_ej8
I'm trying to determine which desk mic (with a modular RJ11 Connector) will interface with the 25 Pin accessory connector on a PM1500.

I have a customer with a dual head PM1500 as their base radio, and now wants a microphone and speaker in another area. I would like to build a cable to go from the DB25 into an 8 pin surface mount jack so I can simply plug the microphone in (for future serviceability), but am not opposed to cutting the mic plug off and hard wiring.

I have several desk mics here but none of them seem to pass audio via pin 15 of the DB25 on the chassis.

I can get the radio to key using the PTT and ground pins, and I am feeding discriminator Rx audio from pin 6 into my amplified speaker, but the Tx/Mic audio has me stymied.

Hopefully one of the gurus here has a solution! Thanks!