APX adaptive noise suppression / audio engine - user experiences

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APX adaptive noise suppression / audio engine - user experiences

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I'm looking for user experiences with/opinions about the APX "Adaptive Audio Engine" a.k.a Adaptive Noise Suppression. This is a flashport option (QA09006) on the APX and I'd like to determine if it's a worthwhile feature.

From Motorola literature:

Adaptive Dual-sided Operation using beam-forming technology so you can talk into either side of the radio.

Adaptive Noise Suppression adjusts the audio algorithm so you can cancel out the noise as it changes in the environment.

Adaptive Speaker Equalization adjusts the 1 watt loud speaker settings based on volume selection so the sound is optimized for talker authenticity at lower volumes and speech intelligibility at higher volumes.

Adaptive Gain Control adjusts microphone gain based on how loud you talk into the radio to ensure a consistent audio level on the receiving end.

Adaptive Windporting engages a third microphone in order to cancel out wind noise
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Re: APX adaptive noise suppression / audio engine - user experiences

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Following this as well.
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Re: APX adaptive noise suppression / audio engine - user experiences

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If you buy the feature in a portable it does change some hardware. The speaker becomes the third mic which is used in the equation to muffle out noise. I believe it is also a higher wattage speaker. It works on both Analog and Digital. There are a couple of video's somewhere on Motorola's website which show it in action. If you do not buy the option and you buy either an XP or XE microphone then you will get the adaptive audio engine since the processing is built in to the accessory.

[edit: I was corrected by someone: The XE500 and the Si500 microphones have adaptive noise suppression. The other microphones have aggressive noise suppression. Sorry for any confusion.]
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