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Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 9:23 am
by webby52
I am trying to add a Zone Up/Zone Down button on the side of a APX6000ex portable. It works fairly well with the XTS2500 radio where when in Conventional channel in our A Bank, channel 2, you press the button and it goes "up one zone" which puts it on our main trunk channel 2. When you want to switch to main fire ground channel in conventional channel 2, press the button again in trunking and it goes "down one zone". This ultimately makes the button a switch between two main channels in different zones.

The wonderful think tank in IL decided that this was not a good idea. When I try to ass[/img]ign the button in APX, it greys out the trunked box assignment. Or if I try to make the conventional side unprogrammed, the selection of the Zone up/down comes up red on the trunked side. I've removed all associated zone commands from the radio via side and front buttons and it will not let me assign any button with this setup. I've tried APX 15.00.2, 16, and a codeplug from an 8000.

Anyone have an idea why its not complying? Images can be sent to email upon request. Unless someone has a public site to post to.


Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 12:40 pm
by motorola_otaku
What you are trying to do should work, but you may need Enhanced Zone Bank Operation in the flash. I have no problem setting up the side top button for Zone Up in APX7000, 7000XE, and 8000 portables, but they are all flashed for Enhanced Zone Bank.

EDIT: okay, I reread your post, and it looks like you want the same button to be Zone Up in trunking and Zone Down in conventional... yeah, you definitely can't do that on any APX radio. You can have the button NOT be zone up or zone down in either mode, but you can't have the modes oppose each other.