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Centracom II/II+/Gold Elite CEB programming cable pinout

Discussion about Centracom (Button & LED / CRT / Gold / Elite), MC Series (MC5500/7100/7500), and legacy console equipment.

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Centracom II/II+/Gold Elite CEB programming cable pinout

Postby d119 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:54 am

The best way to construct this cable is to obtain a DB-9 to RJ45 adapter hood.

Last I checked the adapter hood is available from Frys Electronics, and I know Radio Shack carried them, I don't know if they still do.

Anyway, the adapter should pull apart (DB9 comes out) leaving wires with pins on them of various colors.

Insert the wires into the DB9 following the chart below:

1 ----- 1 (Blue)
NC --- 2 (Orange)
6 ----- 3 (Black)
2 ----- 4 (Red)
4 ----- 5 (Green)
3 ----- 6 (Yellow)
NC --- 7 (Brown)
5 ----- 8 (Slate or White)

I generally tape up the no-connection (NC) lines and put them back in the hood as opposed to clipping them off, but you should insulate them one way or another so that they don't cause any problems.

Now you can use a straight-through RJ45 cable from the PROG port on the CEB RS232 card to the RJ45 connector on this adapter, then right into the back of your PC for use with the Series2 RSS.

Be sure to label the adapter hood "CEB" so you don't get it mixed up with any others you may build.

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