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Installing 2 maxtracs in my service truck

This forum is dedicated to helping people with questions about installing radio equipment in vehicles. This can include antenna installs, electrical wiring questions/problems, and mounting systems. Pictures of installs are welcome.

Note: Discussions regarding lighting, sirens, and other equipment now has its own forum in the 'off-topic' section below.

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Installing 2 maxtracs in my service truck

Postby Xnke » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:02 pm

Working on converting a pair of maxtracs to the ham bands, with the intent to mount and configure them for use in my freshly rebuilt service truck.

It's a 1991 S-10, standard cab, extended long bed (built on the 121" frame, the bed is an extra 16" over a standard long bed) that I have had off the road for a year now for de-rusting, new engine, new paint, and new equipment-namely built in GPS nav, air conditioning that works, and valve covers that don't leak like they're not even bolted on.

All of the above except the bed has been completed-the bed and tailgate will be painted and roll-in linered this month, and I am planning the following:

2 maxtrac radios, with remote faceplates. Faceplates mounted into the package tray under the dash, radios mounted to rear of cab behind the passenger seat.

Some sort of antenna switching-ideally I'll work up an antenna setup that will be usable at 50-54Mhz and 420-450Mhz, as right now it's looking like those are the two radios that I'll get functional first-I'd like to get a 144-148Mhz maxtrac in the mix as well but so far the one I have seems to have issues I am not on top of yet.

Dual antennas may not be ruled out yet-but I definitely need to be able to fold/hide them to keep vandalism down at home. The next neighborhood over seem to think any visible antenna violates the HOA...but I'm not a member, and am not subject to their ********. I'd just rather they not vandalize my truck again over it.

Currently, the plan is to mount a rotatable (90 degree turn) fold down mount on the inside of the bed, just inboard of the tailgate. Also hoping to run the coax feedlines down out of the rear of the cab through existing holes, then right back up through the water drip holes in the front of the bed, and keep the cables up under the bottom side of the bed rail, out of view, but also away from any road debris, road salt, and water that might damage them under the truck.

Anyone done anything similar and have ideas or advice?

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Re: Installing 2 maxtracs in my service truck

Postby Jim202 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:55 am

Since when do any HOA have any control what antennas are mounted on a vehicle? I can understand a building, but what legal control can they exert on a movable vehicle? I would think they are way exceeding and reach of the law on this.


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Re: Installing 2 maxtracs in my service truck

Postby Xnke » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:12 pm

Especially considering I am not a member of, nor subject to, their HOA-I am not in that neighborhood! It just butts up adjacent to the property.

It's straight up vandalism, it's already happened once and I took the person to court over it-they paid for the antenna and the damage but I would rather avoid it if I can again. I had a 2m antenna on an NMO in the roof of the old truck, and the security camera caught the woman getting into the bed of the truck and snapping the antenna off and throwing it on the ground, then leaving me a nasty note taped to the window. The dog tends to keep them out of the yard, but I get letters all the time saying I can't have antennas, it violates their rules, etc-I have to constantly remind them that I'm not governed by their (Much much newer) neighborhood. I was here first, by many years...

Anyway, so far the plan is 6 meter/2 meter/440 on a Comet SBB-15, and either an antenna switch or a Diamond MX2000 triplexer or similar.

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