URGENT HELP! Astro Spectra bandplan Q

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URGENT HELP! Astro Spectra bandplan Q

Post by zulu »

Would anyone know if an astro spectra 438-470 - a range 3 PA, eg: T04RLH...W5AN?
Will it do 433MHZ tx/rx alright?
I am really interested in knowing the answer?
Cheers in advance.
Any help will be gratefully accepted.
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Re: URGENT HELP! Astro Spectra bandplan Q

Post by txshooter »

It depends on the radio itself. Some will...... It's not a far jump.
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Re: URGENT HELP! Astro Spectra bandplan Q

Post by Tom in D.C. »

I have a vague recollection of seeing some discussions on here about "sliding"
the VCO range of radios a bit. The old rule when we were using RSS/DOS programs
on Sabers and like radios was that if the excursion was more than 1 mHz above or
below the radio's designed range it usually wouldn't work. In today's world the only
sure answer is to try it if you can before you buy it. Too bad the mobiles don't have
the wider range of the portables; I sure wish they did.

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