XPR6550 GNSS Setup on DMR Repeater

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XPR6550 GNSS Setup on DMR Repeater

Post by jtm1816 »

I am attempting to setup GNSS/GPS on my XPR6550 UHF to talk to our local DMR Repeater (Brandmeister network exclusively). I have used about 5 different setup methods but none seem to be working properly. I am using CPS 2.0 (
Below are the settings i am currently using
General Settings
GNSS = Checked
Persistent LRRP Requests
Saved = Unchecked
Delete = No
ARS Radio ID = 310999
TMS Radio ID = 310999
ARS = On System Change
IP Site Connect = Checked
Compressed UDP Data Header = Advantage

I have also setup my brandmeister account to use the motorola protocols and such

I feel that I am missing something from this but i cannot figure out what it is
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Re: XPR6550 GNSS Setup on DMR Repeater

Post by fchrist16 »

Did you follow these directions? These work for me. https://mrickey.com/2016/04/12/brandmei ... ng-up-gps/


-Frank C.
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