XTS 1500 VHF Antenna question/recommendation

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XTS 1500 VHF Antenna question/recommendation

Post by preluda97 »

I just got an XTS 1500 VHF 136-174. It came with a short quarter wave antenna as shown in the picture attached. Could someone explain what the short quarter wave means?

What are my alternatives for a better antenna? Will the PMAD4088 fit? I saw a link on Amazon that shows the PMAD4088 is for APX radios, yet I think I’ve seen some users put it on the XTS.

Any advice? Any recommendations?
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Re: XTS 1500 VHF Antenna question/recommendation

Post by jackhackett »

The three VHF antennas listed in the high tier accessory catalog for the XTS1500 are:

8505644V01 7.5 inch Helical Antenna, 136-151 MHz

8505644V02 7 inch Helical Antenna, 151-162 MHz

8505644V03 6.5 inch Helical Antenna, 162-174 MHz

There may be other Motorola ones that will work, and there are aftermarket antennas. The main thing you have to watch for is that the antenna has a center pin contact, some antennas are just flat on the bottom and will crush the pin on the radio connector.
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Re: XTS 1500 VHF Antenna question/recommendation

Post by N4DES »

One additional antenna is the NAD6563A that is the broadband antenna for the X series radio.
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