APX 6000 Won't get a GPS lock

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APX 6000 Won't get a GPS lock

Post by DasBoot »

I have a new in the box (New old stock) APX 6000 UHF that works find EXCEPT it won't get a GPS lock.

I have several other APX 6000s that have no issue getting a lock and I've tried different antennas, sitting out in the middle of a field for over an hour, and leaving it hooked to my GPS antenna distribution feed here in the shack.
With the other APX6000's hooked to the antenna and they got a lock in a 10-20 seconds but this one even left hooked up for several days has the GPS icon flashing.

I've also upgraded the firmware to the latest as per the suggestion of the service manual.

Have yall seen this before and have any ideas ?
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Re: APX 6000 Won't get a GPS lock

Post by N4KVE »

You already got your answer on Radio Reference. You bought a totally whored out radio from China with a flash code that puts Nick’s FC to shame. Guy’s, check out this FC. #&40N%-71uEFD-0. The whole kitchen sink. And he wonders why there’s a problem with his radio. Try getting it aligned. Go to the Communications Support Forums. They’re a bunch of experts over there. GARY.
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Re: APX 6000 Won't get a GPS lock

Post by jry »

well the firmware update is a mistake,

I would stay below 29.XX ....never go to the latest

You may have now locked in any issues due to the flash code ....oh well
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