Quantar CW-ID delay?

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Quantar CW-ID delay?

Post by beard »

I am working on my first Quantar repeater (2007 build, conventional, analog) and am looking for some help on the CW-ID.

I have the callsign text and interval programmed with RSS ver R14.05.01. ID is working OK except that it waits about 30 seconds after the repeater tx drops before initiating an ID. In practice, this means the repeater does not ID during conversations since users seldom leave 30 seconds between transmissions.

I have not been able to find a way to change this in RSS. Also don't see any mention of it in the tech pubs I have looked at. Does anyone know if this delay can be changed or deleted?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Re: Quantar CW-ID delay?

Post by WB5ITT »

That is usual on Motorola repeaters....its so the ID is polite.....wont run during a conversation....also it prevents a CW ID during P25 operation.....only way to correct it is set timer to LESS than 10 min...I set mine to 8 but heavy use systems need it as low as 5....Users WONT hear it as the ID runs without PL usually...
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