Minitor VI programming problem

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Minitor VI programming problem

Post by Radiostrobe#2 »

I've researched, but have been unable to find any info to help me out. I'm new to Minitor VI pagers and I recently received 2 VHF 5 channel ones along with the programming cradle and cable. I have downloaded the software and the drivers are installed. I have tried multiple ports and all show communication error 1 -usb device not connected.
I have programmed many III, IV and V pagers with no problem. I'm thinking its a settings issue, however I can't find anything showing what the settings should be or anything else related to this issue to give me any help.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Minitor VI programming problem

Post by tuckerm »

Like I said over at RR, it's more then likely a driver issue. It should show up as a COM port.
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Re: Minitor VI programming problem

Post by Al »

The release notes for version 1.07 of the Minitor VI PPS lists the following known issue:
"The Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Driver may not install properly on a very
limited number of computers using Microsoft Operating Systems.
As a temporary workaround, the user is suggested to manually install the Silicon
Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge Driver"
Have you tried manually installing the Silicon Labs driver as suggested?
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