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CM360 (EMEA) flashgrade went sideways ("T2 fail" solved)

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CM360 (EMEA) flashgrade went sideways ("T2 fail" solved)

Postby Shuttle » Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:06 pm

Hello all.
I tried to upgrade a CM360 with the same tools (accy connector) as waris mobiles.
After the flash-switch was set to on, radio power cycled and flashing started it came with a *beep* "T2 FAIL".
I tried google all I could but couldn't find any solutions. The codeplug could not be read.
Then I realized that the boot-pin from the 20pin->16pin adapter isn't even connected. So no harm should be done. And flashing should be done from the mic port, while applying 9.3V to one pin as to set pin2 as bootstrap -mode and another pin for programming.

I did not have the cables needed, tried to fab up one myself to no avail. The flashing would not go through. FL0-failures etc.

However, I was able to read the radio (in the T2 fail -mode) information with the flashgrade tool. So not all hope was lost.

The problem was, that the region code was lost. Once it was set, the radio woke up again. I tried flashing it once but gave up in the end.

This just to give information to the community. While I do have self made cables for the mobiles (waris, CM360 and GM950) and one factory made for waris portables, I really should consider acquiring a setup of cables to do all mobiles. Tuning with the self made cables was possible though :-)

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Re: CM360 (EMEA) flashgrade went sideways ("T2 fail" solved)

Postby Andreas » Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:26 pm

You can flash it with the front programming cable.
Run the flashtool and let it read the EEPROM.Remove the cable and switch off the radio.Bridge the 2 right contacts of the microphone connector and switch the radio on.The buttons will light up and the display remains dark,so the radio is in bootstrap mode.
Connect the programming cable and click ok.
Never use a Waris rear connector cable on a CM3xx radio.You can kill some parts on it!


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