Astro-Tac 3000 expanded mode issues

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Astro-Tac 3000 expanded mode issues

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After searching the internet for a Astro Tac 3000 manual I was only able to find the software manual.
In attempting to connect 2 Astro Tac 3000 comparators in the expanded mode there seems to be an issue with the secondary unit and the v.25 connections. The DIU on the Master shelf’s connectivity seems to be OK
With no connection the wireline cards do not flash that there is an error, they are setup as station internal.
When veining the status screen in the RSS with no cables plugged in the port shows Idle and HDLC address is 3F
It is believed that the thin net connection between the shelves is working as when programing the ports and the reset is requested thru the RSS both shelves reset
Here are the steps that where followed.
1) Verify proper operation of both Astro Tac 3000 comparators in “Standard” mode (conventional)
2) Connect 10 MHz reference
3) Set ip addresses to be sequential
4) Connect the thin net connection utilizing a “t” connector and terminators.
5) With the programing cable on the main Set the main (DIU) shelf to Primary (save and reset)
6) With the programing cable on the secondary 1Set the secondary shelf to Secondary 1 (save and reset)
7) Move the programming cable back to main and enable the V.24 ports on the secondary 1 (save and reset)
Please tell me what I have done wrong or left out
Thank you in advance for your help.
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